Serve ‘Em a Sentence: Chomping the World

For years I’ve been threatening to do a food blog, a book blog, a Henry Wiggen blog, or a combination of all these things. I tried doing Maas Movement and Karkovice Magazine in 2010 and 2011 respectively, but have mostly stuck to writing about hardcore. But life is crazy and you can never predict what is going to provide the catalyst for a particular creative path, and the unexpected retirement of Alex Rodriguez gave me the final push to launch Serve ‘Em a Sentence, a combination book and food blog, which you can check out (here)

So what is the point, what’s it all about, NJ Bloodline style? From the About page:

Welcome to Serve ‘Em a Sentence, a blog about books and food from I Question Not Media, as I can only cram so many Kool Keith and literary references into my other existing platforms. For fans of: Cannibal Ox, Henry Wiggen, Kool Keith, the suburbs, diners, Biohazard, onion rings and vegetarian items.

Due to its initials, the official Beyond song of this page is Seasons.

Sorry in advance to anyone who was looking forward to Lil Fame is Like an Orthopedic Shoe, since this has been slightly derailed by the advent of Serve ‘Em a Sentence, and to Chris if this disrupts my flow of reviews for In Effect! I also scrapped the idea of writing something for the 10 year anniversary of the greatest lineup I’ve ever seen (August 27, 2006 at CBGB: Poison Proof, Dynamo, Social Disorder, Backlash, Uppercut, All Out War, Outburst, Merauder) which is good news for Stefan P. so he doesn’t have to dig through his video tapes to find the footage of that show. Special thanks as always to Mike for building and illustrating these sites and making my dreams a reality, in between pursuing his own creative projects.