Clap Don’t Applaud: Lil Fame is Like an Orthopedic Shoe #1 Coming Soon

The rap and northern soul zine you have been waiting for (or not): Lil Fame is Like an Orthopedic Shoe is my newest project, dropping sometime later this year. I am actually tied to releasing it in 2016 due to the 50th anniversary of Investigate, so it won’t be 3 years behind like my usual output. 50% rap, 50% northern soul, and 100% my usual zaniness including an M.O.P. crossword puzzle. (If you can ace both the New Breed and M.O.P. crosswords we should probably join forces for future musical endeavors.) If this one bombs spectacularly like when I lost the Euro audience with Karkovice, at least you can expect Double Rabies #7 and IQNM #4 within the next year or two.

Keep an eye out for additional rap-related projects from my warped brain in 2016 and beyond…

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