Welcome to I Question Not Media, the consolidated online home of Double Rabies, I Question Not Me, Karkovice Magazine and assorted upcoming ventures. It will also serve as a hub for the stuff I’ve written for other outlets such as Lifers, SWNK and In Effect.

This site will include news, updates, and more accurate information about what back issues I have available, freeing me from occasionally concocting flyers in MS Paint featuring Eddie Sutton with descriptions of new and current inventory. I still love paper zines and am resolutely not defecting to a blog format, at least not for writing about hardcore.

Over the past 17 years that I’ve been doing zines, I’ve been continuously humbled by the enthusiastic response from hardcore kids all over the world. Despite being terrible at the internet and checking my email, I am grateful for everyone who has ever sought out my work and taken the time to read it. Hopefully this combined online venture will help make this stuff more available than ever, and also introduce OG readers to my new projects.