I Question Not Me #4.5 Out Now

4.5 5/6 is in the mix: I Question Not Me #4.5 is available now and is technically 5/6 of a regular issue. What’s the attraction to the fraction faction? Like Eddie Gaedel, number 1/8, this zine was executive produced by the ghost of Bill Veeck. There is an 11 page Darkside NYC interview containing at least 1 Icemen story that will tide you over til I ever finish transcribing my CTM interview, an M.O.P. crossword puzzle, and an exploration of the Philip Roth of NYHC (and beyond.) It may befuddle you like Big Skillet contemplating Blacula and/or make you run to the Bronxville Library to brush up on your Roth tomes, or at least acquire something more sensible than IQNM!

$3 domestic, $5 international. Check the mailorder page for full order details and available back issues. Also available soon from discerning distros in your area.