IQNM 2019: Bexcalibur on Mindforce and BCS

Mindforce is one of those bands like Bitter End and Think I Care that I respected the existence of in my peripheral vision, but their greatness didn’t hit me full force until one particular release. That record was Excalibur which I finally checked out and now can’t stop listening to. After nonstop recent immersion, I hear the following:

A more urgent Leeway with almost Malone-esque vocals; peak Bitter End, like covering-Unexpected-at-United Blood-era when you couldn’t even get onto the floor downstairs; Sai Nam, not necessarily sonically similar but in that both records are like updated classics; the Stigmata 1989 demo; various Slayer, which is what i am renaming the “various paper” drawer at my office; Fuel the Fire era Zero Tolerance; a faster and heavier Dmize, metal in a different way than the “we got metal and that’s what’s up”; Wrecking Crew; Mickeys Crew; all of the crews; the Crumbsuckers; and all assorted good things not directly described above. It made me want to mosh through the streets of Bronxville and I indeed ran so much faster than usual on my first listen that my hamstrings were sore for 2 days afterwards. It made an incredibly difficult work week bearable and made me go back and purchase anything missing from their catalog of material.

If you’re training for a race, looking to smash your enemies, or have time to listen to very little from the modern era, I would suggest it be this. Or if you are equally captivated by Excalibur but not up to date on recent events, guitarist Mike Shaw was recently the victim of a serious car accident and there are a number of ways to support his recovery.

Check the gofundme here:

And Streets of Hate has both the presale for the benefit show on Saturday, March 9, featuring All out War, Death Threat, Regulate, Ekulu, Soul Bind, and Age of Apocalypse …

… and these Icemen inspired benefit shirts – not sure how much longer the preorder is going to be up:

Finally, if you have not yet checked out the Billy Club Sandwich video interview for In Effect, Mindforce is a topic of discussion just before the RUN-D.M.C. story. Did you know that a Mindforce set is actually what inspired Martin’s son to make a guest appearance with BCS last fall?
“Mindforce is dope. Shoutout to Mindforce. What up Jay!”