Abductors interview for In Effect – and IQNM #5 update

Up now on ineffecthardcore.com – check out my interview with Stefan from the Abductors. This interview was six months in the making and almost didn’t happen. First we tried a video interview with the full lineup (plus most of Step 13) outside the Abductors/Step 13 show in Brooklyn back in May. An audio snafu rendered that footage unusable, and we had not yet connected to reschedule a Skype or email interview. Yet we did not give up! Stefan came down to ride bikes on a recent Saturday, and before we could head to Pizzeria La Rosa afterwards, we shot an impromptu interview at the North White Plains train station.

Shoutout to Mike for filming, and Chris Wynne for your eternal patience.

What have I been up to with I Question Not Me? Very slowly working on #5 in the middle of a longer form project and the occasional review for In Effect. I have also permanently given up on doing a rap zine, though the M.O.P. crossword might be repurposed for IQNM. Issue 5 (the Five Fingers of Death issue) coming sometime in 2020?